Food Delivery Getting More Popular in Sacramento

photo-1418669112725-fb499fb61127Sacramento residents have their fair share of great food. The city boasts countless restaurants ranging from family-style eateries to ethnic joints to upscale bistros. But these days, more and more people are getting their food delivered instead of going out to restaurants or even opting for takeout.


The trend has been fueled by the addition of Caviar, a food delivery service, to the local market. Caviar works by partnering with local restaurants and delivering food to those who order for a flat fee. Most of the time, the restaurants Caviar works with do not offer delivery on their own. For those that do, Caviar will frequently transport food outside the typical delivery zone.

Caviar first launched back in March of 2013. It started out by partnering with 30 restaurants in San Francisco and, most impressively, managed to become profitable within its first year of operation. Caviar then expanded to New York and Seattle later on in 2013 before eventually setting up shop in Sacramento.


Sacramento residents must live within Caviar’s delivery radius to take advantage of the service, but as long as they do, they have the option to choose from over 20 local eateries. Some of Caviar’s offerings currently include Gordito Burrito, a restaurant serving up Mexican cuisine, and INK Eats and Drinks, a celebrated American bistro. Caviar’s list of Sacramento restaurants spans a number of cuisines, including Thai, Indian, and Japanese.


All of the restaurants in question must pay to partner with Caviar, but doing so is what helps ensure a quality experience on all fronts. Caviar’s goal is to allow restaurants to focus on doing what they do best, which is preparing food and taking care of the customers who choose to dine at their establishments. Caviar, meanwhile, is well-equipped to handle the delivery side, and to this end, it typically employs its own dedicated delivery staff.


Residents of Sacramento looking to utilize this service are in for a real treat. Caviar’s website has been hailed as not just visually appealing, but extremely user-friendly. The site currently features detailed menus coupled with entrée photos. Orders can be placed directly through the website, or through the company’s free mobile app. Best of all, Caviar offers users the ability to track their food through real-time GPS, which can help take the guesswork out of wondering when dinner might arrive.


Of course, Caviar isn’t the only player in the Sacramento food delivery market. Grubhub, a well-established delivery company, also services the area. Competition also comes in the form of Food to You, which operates under a similar business model in that it charges a small delivery fee in exchange for the convenience of having food brought directly to customers’ doors.


Caviar’s ultimate success in the area will most likely depend on how quickly it is able to facilitate food delivery relative to the competition and how reasonable it can keep its rates. Right now its offerings are also somewhat limited, though that’s actually part of the company’s business model. Either way, Sacramento residents have plenty of options for getting their hands on some pretty tasty food without having to leave their homes in the process.


New Additions Planned at 555 Capital Mall

Downtown Sacramento is home to a thriving business and entertainment scene. The area sports numerous attractions and a wide range of dining options, from casual cafes to family eateries to upscale restaurants. However, it’s always been in the city’s best interest to build up the area in an effort to increase both tourism and local commerce.

Sacramento, though a fabulous city in its own right, has, in recent years, taken much of a backseat to other California cities as far as tourism and revenues go. Though tourism has improved in Sacramento, as evidenced by the fact that hotels have seen an uptick in performance in recent months, the city’s numbers are nowhere near those of San Francisco. On the other hand, Sacramento’s reasonable costs make it a prime target for tourists on a budget and businesses looking for a new home, whereas setting up shop as a business in San Francisco is far more cost-prohibitive.


In fact, the affordable nature of Sacramento is drawing a number of new tenants to 555 Capitol Mall, a prominent spot right in the heart of the city. In fact, developers of the property are now opting to focus on its open retail spaces, a move that could prove to be quite strategic.

Rubicon Partners, the development team behind the property, just submitted plans to the city to refresh and upgrade spaces on the first and third floors in order to make them more usable and desirable for potential tenants. On the east side of the property’s first floor, Rubicon is planning to develop two distinct retail uses: a spacious 1,900-square-foot coffee shop and cafe, and an 8,500-square foot upscale restaurant.

The move is one that will likely draw a diverse crowd of both regulars and tourists. Additionally, the coffee shop and restaurant will both include an expansive patio space along Capitol Mall. This will enhance the experience for visitors to both establishments and draw more attention to the newly developed eateries. To the west, the existing restaurant, House Kitchen & Bar, will remain open and tie into the expanded outdoor spaces as it continues to serve up the comfort food it’s known for among Sacramento locals.

But the plans for the property don’t stop there. On the third floor, Rubicon intends to construct a 3,000-square-foot event space, which will include an outdoor deck facing onto Capitol Mall. During daytime hours, the indoor space could be used for business meetings and conferences. At night, it’s shaping up to be the ideal spot for hosting private parties or fundraisers.

Work on these spaces is scheduled to begin by the start of 2016. However, the property is already seeing other positive changes. Approximately 100,000 square feet are currently under construction, and a good 90% of the building’s office spaces have commitments for new tenants. The goal, of course, is to make 555 Capitol Mall a hub for retail and commerce. Doing so will not only improve its value, but enhance the surrounding area of Sacramento on a whole.