Sacramento Walmart Evacuated After Flare Gun Was Shot

At a south Sacramento Walmart shoppers were evacuated out of the store after the loss prevention officer was shot with a flare gun. Luckily the shooter was placed in custody by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. The shooter is said to be only a minor, the age of the minor has not yet been released. Though this shooter was detained it unfortunately didn’t happen soon enough. The Walmart loss prevention officer was shot directly in the face with a flare gun by the minor. The Walmart employee is said to be injured but is doing ok according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.


The suspect now in custody could face some serious charges. It is said the minor could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery.  Depending on the age of the minor he or she could also be tried as an adult resulting in heavier sentencing. It was said it all started after the loss prevention officer was questioned the suspect for shoplifting. The loss prevention officer was then at this point shot in the face with the flare gun while taking the suspect to his office. It is understood that the minor brought the flare gun with him while shoplifting. The loss prevention officer now wounded was able to gain back control of the situation. The smoke from the flare gun set off the fire alarms and the fire department came and evacuated the building. The injured and now bleeding loss prevention officer was able to keep the suspect in custody until the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department arrived on scene. Luckily no one else was injured in the struggle with the minor. The Sheriff’s Department states that there are possibly two other suspects involved with the shooter during the shoplifting. Those suspects are currently being searched for and are not yet in custody. Witnesses are being asked to come forward with any information.


With recent events that have taken place in sad San Bernadino, California mass shootings the evacuation created quite a stir. The stores were filled with holiday shoppers close by watching as people were evacuating the store. Walmart shoppers who were evacuating heard the words gunshot and headed in the other direction in fear of being shot. It was also said that some children were of some witness to the terrible incident. Shoppers left without groceries that day but took home that scary what if it was worse feeling. It’s a sad reality that many people are fearing to go out in public. Though this shooting was not related to the mass shooting in San Bernadino it still places fear in people. The minor could have killed the Walmart employee and all for what a few stolen items. Thankfully this event didn’t end up with anyone being killed. Clearly this minor is in need of some serious guidance. What is our world coming to? Does this minor even realize the upset he or she has created?